Selfie Post Box

The world’s first Selfie Post Box combines the traditional post box for cards with a tabletop photo booth for digital photos.

Unlike traditional photo booths, the Selfie Post Box doesn’t require any attendance during the day.

The Selfie Post Box is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, iMessage and Airdrop. Guests can simply post a card, snap a selfie and share it online.

As well as photos there is a brand new feature that allows your guests to leave a 30 second video.

♦          ALL DAY HIRE – £200          ♦



  • Your names and date on the Selfie Post Box screen as well as the picture template.
  • No Photo booth attendant required.
  • Guests can leave either a photo or a 30 second video message clip.
  • After a guest has taken a photo they can apply a filter before sharing on social media (the sharing option can be disabled just saving the images for you).
  • All images taken sent to you after the event.

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