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August 28, 2016Peckham Asylum Wedding Photographer

Peckham Asylum Wedding Photographer

Peckham Asylum Wedding

As a regular Peckham Asylum wedding photographer, it is amazing to take photos is such a stunning venue, the Peckham Asylum chapel dates back to 1827 and oozes history.

The day started early at Farringdon where the bride and bridesmaids were having a good laugh whilst getting ready before I crossed the River Thames to Peckham to see the groom and groomsmen as they got ready and made final preparations at the Peckham Asylum. The venue was decorated in lovely flowers courtesy of one of the guests, it truly was a beautiful venue with so much characther that is perfect for a wedding.

The ceremony itself was lovely and the young bride and groom looked so in love as they celebrated with their friends and family, some coming from as far as Canada.

After the ceremony the newly married bride and groom spent a couple of hours with the guest in the ground of the Asylum, with the sun beating down on us and champagne free flowing, everyone was in full spirit and who could blame them, it a perfect day for a wedding. Afterwords the bride and groom and guests jumped on the traditional London red wedding bus to go back across the river to The Artisan in central London.

There was lot of speeches, probably the most there’s been at any wedding I have been to, where almost everyone on the top table giving a speech. There was some entertaining speeches thats even had a few props for the happy couple to cherish. After the speeches the meal followed before the evening guests joined the newly weds as the evening was filled with laughter and fun as everyone danced the night away.

Below is a small selection of photos from throughout the day, hope you enjoy them as much as I loved taking them.

Bride and groom laughing