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July 9, 2016Cartland Bridge Hotel Wedding Photographer

Cartland Bridge Hotel Wedding Photographer

Cartland Bridge Hotel Wedding

As a regular Cartland Bridge Hotel wedding photographer, I love the way you can create such beautiful couple pictures amongst the 19 acres of woodland. The Cartland Bridge Hotel is situated in Lanarkshire and with under an hour from both Glasgow and Edinburgh makes it is an ideal venue.

It was a fun wedding, I got to hang out with the groom and his ushers and capture the moments of them getting ready with a lot of laughter and drinking to settle the nerves.

The ceremony itself was delayed as there was a parade happening in the town and the bride struggled to get to the venue, so this just added to the tension within the room, but she eventually got there much to the relief of the groom. It was a beautiful ceremony which was watched by over 100 friends and family, there were tears and smiles all round. After the ceremony was finished the ushers surprised the bride and groom by performing a number of songs.

We then had the opportunity to take the bride and groom around the 19 acres of woodland for some alone time and capture some couple photos of their day, even though they were a bit reluctant at the start they thanked us afterwards.

After the meals became the speeches and the best man produced the best speech I have witnessed by a best man, he surprised the bride and groom by getting his guitar and performing a hilarious song. After the evening guest arrived the bride and groom cut the wedding cake with a sword, and instead of the traditional style wedding cake this one was a unique cheese and pork pie wedding cake. The happy couple along with the guest danced the night away to a variety of music ranging from traditional Scottish Ceilidh to up to date chart music.

See below small selection from my favourites throughout the day.


June 18, 2016Leith Theatre Wedding Photographer

Leith Theatre Wedding Photographer

Leith Theatre Wedding

As a regular Leith Theatre Wedding Photographer, it is amazing to take photos is such a historic venue, the Leith Theatre was originally opened in 1932 but closed in 1988. The theatre has hosted the likes of Thin Lizzy and AC/DC is currently undergoing a huge transformation and is set to re-open again, to the delight of the community. It is a pleasure to take photos in such amazing venue.

We started early in Central Edinburgh where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready at a beautiful Georgian townhouse at Hillside Crescent, with three floors and countless huge rooms, it was a perfect place to get ready. I then met the groom and his four groomsmen at Ocean Terminal where I captured the laughter and smiles of them while they were getting ready before we headed to Leith Theatre which was only a 10 minute walk.

A Scottish Piper was there to entertain the guests before the ceremony began, it was a lovely traditional Scottish Wedding which comprised of beautiful readings by close guests with lots of laughter and tears. As the ceremony was ending the piper lead the wedding party outside where the bride and groom participated in an old tradition called “jumping the broom” which goes all the way back to the 19th century, the newlyweds held hands and jumped over a broomstick.

With it being a beautiful summers day the piper entertained the guests outside whilst we took the bride and groom around the theatre for some couple photos, it was an amazing experience with history oozing out of every room we went into.

There were emotional speeches especially from the father of the bride that had everyone in laughter and tears. The evening comprised of a traditional Scottish Ceilidh where the guests joined the bride and groom on the dance floor.

See below selection of my favourite photos from throughout the day.


Scottish piper and bride

June 11, 2016New Mills Wedding PhotographerClaire & Nicky

New Mills Wedding Photographer

Northumberland Countryside Wedding

I had an amazing day shooting Claire and Nicky’s wedding in the beautiful New Mills countryside cottage this was definitely one of my favourite weddings. They chose New Mills as this is close to Claire’s heart as she used to visit here regularly when she was younger, so it was an ideal location to have thier wedding here. Claire and Nicky wanted their daughter Elle and son Jacob to play a part in the ceremony, so they were involved in the traditional Scottish marriage ceremony of handfasting. Elle and Jacob participated in “tying the knot”, where the hands of the bride and groom were tied together. It was a lovely ceremony, with lots of tears, smiles and laughter all round.

The forecast was rain all week, it was a little bit cold later in the day but thankfully is managed to stay dry to everyones delight. New Mills is a very scenic location set in 19 acres of it’s own beautiful ground, so it had lots of opportunities to take lovely photos. It was even easier with Claire and Nicky being the most amazing couple always smiling and laughing.

Some kind words from Claire and Nicky:

“Steven is an amazing photographer, we are so lucky to have been recommended him. He is very professional and friendly, putting us at ease and making us laugh all through the day. He had great ideas regarding locations but also listened to what we wanted too!! The photos are outstanding and I cannot wait to show everyone. Thank you Steven I cannot thank you enough!!”

I am so happy to have been a part of your day. You, your friends and families were so welcoming. I hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them, see below small selection from the day.


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May 28, 2016Marlins Wynd Wedding Photographer

Marlins Wynd Wedding Photographer

Marlins Wynd Wedding

As a regular Marlins Wynd wedding photographer, I love shooting weddings in such an amazing venue with the history dating back to the 1540’s. With Marlin’s Wynd set in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic old town, it is a perfect location for any wedding.

The bride and groom chose the traditional Scottish marriage ceremony of handfasting, where the hands of the bride and groom were tied together which is referred to as “tying the knot”. It was a lovely ceremony, with lots of tears, smiles and laughter from the bride, groom and guests. The bride looked beautiful in her dress as she proudly showed of her tattoos.

After the reception, we took the bride and groom out for photos around Edinburgh’s old town where they were I lost count on the number of strangers congratulating them on their big day. It was then time for the speeches and like the ceremony there were tears, smiles and laughter. Once the evening guests had arrived the bride and groom cut the wedding cake and then had their first dance. The happy couple along with all their guest then danced the night away.

See below small selection from my favourites throughout the day.


April 2, 2016Mansfield Traquair Wedding Photographer

Mansfield Traquair Wedding Photographer

Mansfield Traquair Wedding

As a regular Mansfield Traquair wedding photographer, it is always a pleasure getting to take photos in such a stunning historic venue that is referred as “Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel”. that is located in the heart of Edinburgh City Centre.

The day started early in Edinburgh City Centre at The Place Hotel where I got to spend the morning with the groom and groomsmen, the day was partially special to me as it was my birthday. With 6 out of the 7 being from England it was funny watching English people trying to work out how to put a kilt on, after they managed to succeed they all agreed that they looked great.

After the guys were ready, we took the 5 minute walk to the Mansfield Traquair which as always looks spectacular and the groom and groomsmen greeted the guest as they arrived before taking their seat for the ceremony. The bride and bridesmaid arrived slightly later than planned as the bride left her vail at home and had to go back for it, so this added to the tensions within the room. They eventually arrived and the bride her bridesmaids were looking beautiful.

It was a lovely ceremony with lots of laughter and tears all round and when the ceremonies officer pronounced them husband and wife there was a huge cheer from the room. After the bride and groom got some couple photos, the meal and speeches followed and again lots of tears, smiles and laughter within the room.

The evening guests arrived and shortly after the bride and groom cut the cake. Once the evening guest arrived the bride and groom took to the floor for their first dance and then they along with all their guests danced the night away on a very busy dance floor.

Below is a selection of my favourite photos from the day.


swc_1373 swc_1380 swc_1441swc_1398 swc_1720 swc_1746 swc_1750swc_2181 swc_2200 swc_2223 swc_2229 swc_2269 swc_2310swc_2442 swc_2355 swc_2363swc_2369swc_1917 swc_2391 swc_2474 swc_2542swc_2571 swc_2544 swc_2548 swc_2547