June 11, 2016New Mills Wedding PhotographerClaire & Nicky

Northumberland Countryside Wedding

I had an amazing day shooting Claire and Nicky’s wedding in the beautiful New Mills countryside cottage this was definitely one of my favourite weddings. They chose New Mills as this is close to Claire’s heart as she used to visit here regularly when she was younger, so it was an ideal location to have thier wedding here. Claire and Nicky wanted their daughter Elle and son Jacob to play a part in the ceremony, so they were involved in the traditional Scottish marriage ceremony of handfasting. Elle and Jacob participated in “tying the knot”, where the hands of the bride and groom were tied together. It was a lovely ceremony, with lots of tears, smiles and laughter all round.

The forecast was rain all week, it was a little bit cold later in the day but thankfully is managed to stay dry to everyones delight. New Mills is a very scenic location set in 19 acres of it’s own beautiful ground, so it had lots of opportunities to take lovely photos. It was even easier with Claire and Nicky being the most amazing couple always smiling and laughing.

Some kind words from Claire and Nicky:

“Steven is an amazing photographer, we are so lucky to have been recommended him. He is very professional and friendly, putting us at ease and making us laugh all through the day. He had great ideas regarding locations but also listened to what we wanted too!! The photos are outstanding and I cannot wait to show everyone. Thank you Steven I cannot thank you enough!!”

I am so happy to have been a part of your day. You, your friends and families were so welcoming. I hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them, see below small selection from the day.


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